Why CCM is your Best Solution.

Because talk, as they say, is cheap. A lot of companies make brash promises about controlling your claims costs or making your maintenance problems disappear. But when it comes to keeping those promises, they make excuses.

At CCM, we back up our savings estimates with a written guarantee. That means if we tell you we can save you, say, eight percent over last year’s costs, you can quite literally put that money in the bank.

Our written guarantee represents 25 years of experience.

At CCM, we didn’t set out to be the biggest. We set out to be the best. And in an industry where “fudging the numbers” has become like an olympic sport, we stand out by making our numbers add up. If occasionally that means we have to take a loss to make good on our promise, well that’s OK with us.

CCM is a different kind of fleet services company, and it shows in everything we do — from outstanding claims management and vehicle maintenance to our industry-leading driver safety and driver training programs. And, yes, it’s all backed by a written guarantee. So give us a call today.

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