Vehicle Remarketing

Preserve more of your end-of-ease equity to invest in next year’s leasing contract.

Because of the regular maintenance they receive, corporate fleet vehicles retain exceptional equity when they reach the end of their lease agreements. Yet each year, many hundreds of Fleet Managers across the country miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of that equity.  They simply turn their valuable vehicles over to their leasing company for disposal.

Typically, a leasing company will dispose of vehicles at an auto auction.  Here, your valuable corporate asset will get, at best, ten or fifteen seconds on the auction block. Think about it.  What inventive does your leasing company have to get you the best price? They just dispose of the vehicles quickly and send you a bill for the remaining balance.

You can count on CCM’s vehicle remarketing team to get results.

CCM’s experienced vehicle remarketing team offers a real alternative to fleet managers who don’t have the time to invest in vehicle remarketing.  Whether you have just a few vehicles, or hundreds, all you have to do is email a list of vehicles to us and we take over from there.

CCM handles all of the negotiating for you, obtains your agreement on the price (often hundreds of dollars higher than you would have received at an auto auction), and sends you a check.  It’s the smart, sensible way to handle vehicle remarketing.

If you allow your leasing company to handle vehicle remarketing, you’re leaving money on the table.

Turning the vehicle sale over to your leasing company may be convenient, but how much of your company’s money are you really willing to leave on the table simply for the sake of convenience?

There’s a much better way to discharge vehicles at the end of their lease, CCM’s vehicle remarketing program. It gives you the maximum return on your investment, thanks to our national network of auto dealers who are willing to pay top dollar for well-maintained fleet vehicles.  Once you try CCM’s remarketing service, you’ll never look back.

Watch out for “fictitious” sale price quotes that disappear after the sale.

Bait and switch.  Unfortunately, it’s a common practice in vehicle remarketing. Some providers routinely quote prices at or in excess of market value, however those promises soon disappear in a blizzard of hidden fees and paperwork.  When you work with CCM, the sale price for every vehicle is based on its actual market value.  The are no surprises when the sale is completed. We’ll even provide a written guarantee with our price quote.

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