CCM’s outstanding Subrogation Team can double–or even triple–your current recoveries.

CCM’s specially trained staff uses proven, professional subrogation techniques to recapture the highest possible percentage of your vehicle losses.

Start with the facts: 33%-45% of your TOTAL auto losses can be recovered.

According to various reporting agencies (insurance companies, lessors and fleet service providers), many companies report subrogation recoveries in the range of 18% — weak by CCM’s standards. By comparison, CCM’s recoveries average in excess of 36% of total auto losses.  And our clients love receiving those big checks every month.

CCM gets results from closed files too.

CCM routinely recovers money from files that other providers have given up as “uncollectible.” For some of our clients, this adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional recoveries each year — money that can be used to support other fleet services.

Beware of the classic “bait and switch.”

Many vendors promise high subrogation recoveries that simply never materialize.

CCM is different. Our subrogation promises come with a written guarantee. That’s right, we actually guarantee your recoveries.

The Truth about “soft costs” and what your company may be missing.

Nationally, a huge proportion of auto losses are due to so-called “Soft Costs” or consequential losses. Soft Costs include losses due to driver downtime, loss of use, lost sales, etc. By making these losses part of our subrogation demand, CCM increases recoveries for our clients. 

CCM’s Subrogation Team recovers more than twice the industry average.

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You could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each year that could easily be recovered.

Return lost money to your bottom line, Guaranteed!

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