FleetGuard™ Driver Safety System

CCM’s FleetGuard™ lets you customize a point system and risk level to match your company’s unique needs.

Whether you have 10 drivers or 10,000 drivers, you shouldn’t have to conform to a point system that doesn’t fit your business model. Risk, Fleet and Safety Managers appreciate the freedom to create a customize set of safe-driving parameters based on what drivers experience in the field.

Even state-by-state differences aren’t a problem, because the default settings on CCM’s FleetGuard reflect point leveling: Point values are equalized state to state, so the results are accurate no matter where your drivers are located.

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Enjoy the following advantages:

  • Point leveling (speeding ticket in CA same value as in NY)
  • Configurable point and risk level system
  • Automation ensures consistent accuracy without bias
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick identification of high-risk drivers
  • Standard MVR reports from state to state
  • Easy MVR ordering with results returning within 1 minute in most states (including bulk MVR orders)
  • Built-in validation rules reduce MVR ordering errors
  • Detailed data searches that can be exported to Excel (ad-hoc reporting)
  • Historical year-over-year trending (demonstrates effectiveness of your safety program), plus other PDF reports
  • Electronic signatures eliminate the tedious process of collecting and managing driver release forms
  • Automated email notifications (it’s not necessary to log on every day — you will be notified when a problem arises, e.g. driver rating change)
  • Integrated training recommendations and monitoring for completion
  • Client security can be set up so managers can only view drivers from whom they are responsible

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