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Robert MartinesI was driving to visit a client recently, and as I normally do, I constantly scanned the roadway for any unusual situations. As anyone knows today, no matter where you drive there is always more and more traffic. Since I live in the Northeast, I believe the traffic here is just insane. Try driving in NYC getting across town every day…do I have sympathy for those individuals. My last trip there it took less time to drive from PA to the NJ Turnpike exit for the Lincoln Tunnel than it did to go through the tunnel and then 4 miles across town. When you are stuck in traffic you notice quite a bit. Like Yogi Berra used to say, “You learn a lot by observing.” I saw someone brushing his teeth, another guy shaving, women combing their hair, putting on makeup, people drinking and eating. This is almost the norm these days. What upsets me and most other logical drivers is the people driving while texting. I am amazed to see “How’s my driving?” stickers and other similar safety oriented stickers on vehicles and yet the driver is on his/her cell phone or texting while driving. Sooner or later, hopefully they will get caught. While this infraction is upsetting, what unnerves me more is how many drivers let passengers drive with their feet on the dashboard. One defective air bag can implode and this uninformed soul will have severe leg damage and possible facial damage if their knee hits their face after the airbag implodes. I actually bring this thought to their attention when I can. Some people are thankful for the education while many just think I am some crazy guy talking nonsense. If you have ever witnessed the damage this is not nonsense. My point, speak up when you see this as it may save someone from serious harm.

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